Feb 20, 2019

Twitter HQ
New York City, NY

NY #StopTheBias Protest Recap

May 3, 2019

City Hall
San Francisco, CA

SF #DemandFreeSpeech Rally Recap

July 6, 2019

12pm Freedom Plaza
Washington, DC

DC #DemandFreeSpeech Rally

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Confirmed Speakers

Dylan Wheeler A.K.A. Educating Liberals

Joe Biggs

Omar Navarro for CA 43rd Congressional District

Bernadine Barber

Brad Chadford


Mindy Robinson

Ben Bergquam Frontline America-TalkRadio 1680 KGED

Will Johnson Unite America First

Ashley StClair

Philip Anderson

David Sumrall

Ricky Rebel

Mike Tokes

Joey Salads for NY 11th Congressional District

DeAnna Lorraine for CA 12th Congressional District

Ellen Lee Zhou for SF Mayor 2019

Adrienna DiCioccio


Adrienna DiCioccio

SF Thought Criminal

Selena Late Mota A.K.A. Slate Mota

Tom Canaday

John Galt Guss


A rally to denounce the perceived censorship of politically conservative views and speech by social media drew dozens of right-wing demonstrators and counter-protestors to San Francisco City Hall Friday.

— San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) May 3, 2019

It’s a rough count, but I see at least 30-40 #SFPD officers at City Hall ahead of a #DemandFreeSpeech rally led by local conservatives. There are several prominent speakers scheduled to speak. Counter-protesters expected, hence the police presence- just in case. @nbcbayarea

— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea) May 3, 2019

“There’s no rationale, there’s no honesty to what @facebook is doing.” Local organizer of #DemandFreeSpeech rally objects to how social media platforms, like FB and @Twitter, choose who gets censored. One of ppl banned from FB- Laura Loomer- expected to speak today. @nbcbayarea

— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea) May 3, 2019

#SFPD officers form a barrier between #DemandFreeSpeech participants and counter protesters who say they promote hateful speech. Probably a couple hundred ppl here- so far no incidents of violence. @nbcbayarea

— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea) May 3, 2019

Rally at City Hall almost over. Some people brought helmets & military gear, bandanas and camouflage. Several verbal confrontations, but no violence. @SFPD officers keeping things peaceful.

— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea) May 3, 2019

Zero arrests. Zero incidents. Heck of a job by #SFPD keeping the peace among hundreds of people with vastly different views.

Full story- NBC Bay Area 5 p.m.

— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea) May 3, 2019

Tensions rising in San Francisco as #demandfreespeech rally pushes back against Facebook, Twitter censorship of hate speech.
📷: @sfnewsman

— Riya (@loislane28) May 3, 2019

Group gathers at San Francisco City Hall because they claim #FirstAmendment is under attack.

— Lyanne Melendez (@LyanneMelendez) May 3, 2019

Dylan Wheeler is among the speakers at today’s SF rally to demand free speech on social media. @Education4Libs

— Lyanne Melendez (@LyanneMelendez) May 3, 2019

Dozens of @SFPD officers on scene as #DemandFreeSpeech rally prepares to get under way at city hall, organizers say they’ve been banned from social media, counter protestors likely

— Christien Kafton (@CKaftonKTVU) May 3, 2019

Protestors and counter protestors clashing verbally in Civic Center Plaza SFPD on scene to make sure it doesn’t turn physical

— Christien Kafton (@CKaftonKTVU) May 3, 2019

TONIGHT AT SEVEN: Conservative activists stage "Demand Free Speech" rally at #SanFrancisco City Hall, and they face off with counter-protesters. Also, more on a crash in Belmont that killed an elderly woman crossing the street with a walker. Tonight LIVE at 7pm on @KTVU Plus.

— Alex Savidge (@AlexSavidgeKTVU) May 4, 2019